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Unless noted otherwise, the following parameter

list is comprised of human biomaterial containing

ANTIBODIES for the listed agents.






Sample Type




Parameter Type

Echinococcus Stool Bacteria
S. typhi Stool, S, P Bacteria
E. Coli Stool Bacteria
Chlamydia trachomatis S, P Bacteria
Vibrio cholerae Stool Bacteria
Shigella Stool Bacteria
Campylobacter Stool Bacteria
Brucella S, P Bacteria
Mycobacterium tuberculosis S, P Bacteria
H. pylori S, P, Stool Bacteria
T. pallidum S, P Bacteria
Clostridium tetani S, P Bacteria
Rickettsia S, P Bacteria
Neisseria meningitides S, P Bacteria
Pneumococcus S, P Bacteria
Borrelia S, P Bacteria
Yersinia S, P Bacteria
Mycoplasma S, P Bacteria
Corynebacterium diphtheriae S, P Bacteria
Bordetella pertussis S, P Bacteria
Yersinia pestis S, P Bacteria
Mycobacterium ulcerans S, P Bacteria
Mycobacterium leprae S, P Bacteria
Candida albicans S, P, U Fungi
Aspergillus niger S, P Fungi
Giardia lamblia Stool Parasites
Cryptosporidium Stool Parasites
Entamoeba histolytica Stool Parasites
Leptospira S, P Parasites
P. falciparum S, P Parasites
P. vivax S, P Parasites
T. brucei S, P Parasites
Leishmania S, P Parasites
Toxoplasma gondii S, P Parasites
Schistosoma S, P Parasites
Loa Loa S, P Parasites
Onchocerca S, P Parasites
Plasmodium (unspecified) S, P Parasites
Norovirus Stool Viruses
Rotavirus Stool Viruses
Adenovirus Stool Viruses
HIV-1 O S, P Viruses
HIV-1 N S, P Viruses
HIV-2 S, P Viruses
HIV-1 M, subtype A S, P Viruses
HIV-1 M, subtype B S, P Viruses
HIV-1 M, subtype C S, P Viruses
HIV-1 M, subtype D S, P Viruses
HIV-1 M, subtype E S, P Viruses
HIV-1 M, subtype F S, P Viruses
HIV-1 M, subtype G S, P Viruses
HIV-1 M, subtype H S, P Viruses
HIV-1 M, subtype J S, P Viruses
HIV-1 M, subtype K S, P Viruses
HIV-1 P S, P Viruses
Rubella S, P Viruses
Measles S, P Viruses
Varicella Zoster Virus S, P Viruses
Mumps S, P Viruses
Hepatitis B S, P Viruses
Hepatitis C S, P Viruses
Hepatitis D S, P Viruses
Hepatitis E S, P Viruses
Dengue Virus S, P Viruses
Yellow Fever S, P Viruses
West Nile Virus S, P Viruses
Poliovirus S, P Viruses
Cytomegalovirus S, P Viruses
Epstein-Barr Virus S, P Viruses
Chikungunya S, P Viruses
Respiratory Syncytial Virus S, P Viruses
Rabies S, P Viruses
Coxsackie Virus S, P Viruses
Herpes Simplex Virus S, P Viruses
HIV (not further specified) S, P Viruses
HIV-1 (not further specified) S, P Viruses
Bile Acid S, P Metabolites
IgE S, P Metabolites
Homocysteine S, P Metabolites
Cystatine C S, P, U Metabolites
Rheumatoid Factor S, P Metabolites
HbA1c S, P Metabolites
Protein S, P, U Metabolites
Glucose U Metabolites
Creatinine S, P, U Metabolites
Blood U Metabolites
Immunoglobulines U Metabolites
Microalbumine U Metabolites
Ketones U Metabolites
Bilirubine U Metabolites
Urobilinogene U Metabolites
HCG U Metabolites
Angiotensin Converting Enzyme S, P Metabolites
G6PDH S, P Metabolites
negative samples S, P, U, Stool Other
Multiple positive samples S, P, U, Stool Other
Unknown Etiology S, P, U, Stool Other
Septicemia S, P Other

S: Serum
P: Plasma
U: Urine

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